Are you looking for event catering? We can bring delicious handmade Dim Sum to your private party, wedding or corporate event. Please drop us a line here to enquire.



DUMPLINGS – served steamed or pan-fried

Pork & Ginger – with cabbage, rice wine, sesame & soy

Chicken & Coriander – with Chinese leaves, spring onions & rice wine 

Veggie / Vegan – with shredded Savoy cabbage, carrots, shiitake, cashew, ginger & rich dark soy

Black Bean, Spinach & Woodear Mushroom – with coconut cream & miso

Beef, Oyster Sauce & Spinach – with garlic & soy


BAOS – freshly made steamed buns using organic flour

18-hour Slow-roasted Belly Pork – with hoisin sauce 

Spicy Coconut Butternut Squash – with chilli & lemongrass 



Tofu Skin Rolls – with beansprouts, Chinese leaves & shiitake wrapped in tofu & deep fried 

Roast Pork – marinated with Chinese spices & roasted for maximum crackling



Celeriac & Carrot Slaw – with homemade garlic remoulade

Carrot & Courgette Ribbons – with a tahini, honey, lemon dressing

Sweet Chilli Pickled Cucumber – with toasted black sesame seeds

Crunchy Asian Salad – red cabbage, carrot, kale & coriander in a chilli lime dressing with toasted seeds



Bone Broth – with rice noodles, seasonal greens & butternut squash in a fragrant chicken broth 

Shiitake & Seaweed Broth – with rice noodles, seasonal greens, wakame seaweed, shiitake mushroom and goji berries combined in a ginger miso broth

Chilli Beef Broth – with rice noodles, seasonal greens & coriander in a warming beef broth

Szechuan Pork Broth – with vermicelli, seasonal greens & enoki mushrooms in a nourishing Szechuan broth


CHINESE HOTPOT – a simmering pot of broth in the centre of an array of fresh local produce, exotic mushrooms & herbs

Seafood & Fennel Broth

Spicy Szechuan Lamb Broth


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